5 Best Electric Tea Kettles for Tea Drinkers (And 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Tea Kettle)

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Tea lovers know that brewing the perfect cup of tea can be an art form. From selecting the right type of tea leaves to steeping them at the right temperature, every detail counts. Having a high-quality electric tea kettle can make the process much more efficient and convenient. However, with such a wide range of options available on the market, selecting the best electric tea kettle can be a daunting task. In this post, we will discuss some important factors to consider when choosing an electric tea kettle and give you our picks for the top 5 electric tea kettles for tea drinkers.

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Tea Kettle:

You can file electric tea kettles under “must have gadget” for any serious tea drinker. However, there are several factors to consider while searching for the perfect electric tea kettle for you. 

1. Capacity:

The size of your electric tea kettle depends on personal preference and the number of people you will be brewing tea for. A small electric tea kettle with a capacity of 1-2 cups may be suitable for personal use, while a larger kettle with a capacity of 4-5+ cups may be more appropriate for brewing tea for guests.

2. Material:

Electric tea kettles are made from different materials such as stainless steel, glass, or plastic. 

We recommend purchasing a kettle made from either stainless steel or glass, as plastic tends to give off a “plasticky” odor with use. 

3. Spout Style:

In your search, you may notice a variety of spout styles. While there isn’t any rule saying one style is best, we feel that a gooseneck spout will definitely give you an easier, more controlled pour. 

4. Temperature Control:

Variable temperature control is a crucial feature for tea drinkers, especially for those who enjoy white and green teas that require precise, lower brewing temperatures. Look for an electric tea kettle that offers temperature color settings so that you can brew any type of tea to perfection

5. Automatic Shut-Off:

While not a must, many people may appreciate this safety feature that automatically turns off the kettle when the water reaches the temperature that has been set or when there is no water in the kettle. This prevents the kettle from boiling dry, which can damage the kettle and pose a safety hazard.

6. Overall Design & Color:

No, this is not a crucial factor. However, some tea drinkers may want to keep their kettle out on a counter, and may therefore prefer a specific design, style, or color that complements their kitchen decor. 

5 Best Electric Tea Kettles for Tea Drinkers:

Best Overall:

The Bonita BV382510V Electric Kettle checks all of our boxes to make it the best overall electric tea kettle. 

Its one-liter capacity is perfect for one or two people, as it can make a few cups of tea. 

It also features a durable yet sleek stainless steel body, digital temperature control for the perfect brew (140°F to 212°F), an automatic shutoff feature for safety, and a gooseneck spout for a controlled pour. 

It can even hold the temperature for up to an hour to be ready when needed.

Its price point is somewhere in the middle – not the cheapest yet not the most expensive on the market – making it a great option for most tea enthusiasts looking to invest in a good product. 

Best Design:

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is an exceptional electric kettle for tea lovers who value precision and high quality in addition to stunning design. 

This beautiful kettle has all of the features we desire: 0.9L capacity, gooseneck spout, precision temperature control (135°F to 212°F), 60-minute temperature hold, automatic shutoff, and even a brew stopwatch to help time your steeping. 

For a little more money, you can opt for the “Pro” model which has some additional features such as an adjustable hold mode, altitude settings, an optional chime to notify you when your water is ready, and the ability to schedule your kettle to heat the water at a specific time (hello, easy mornings!). 

Made of high-quality materials, both Stagg Kettle models are gorgeously constructed with stainless steel in a range of colors (say goodbye to the typical black or silver kettle!) The ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip and is even made of maple or walnut in some styles. 

Like a piece of art that can sit on your counter, the Stagg Kettle instantly draws your attention and sets it apart from other electric kettles in the market.

Overall, the Stagg Kettle is an excellent choice for those who appreciate, and don’t mind paying for, the finer details of brewing. 

Best For a Crowd:

The Zojirushi CD-WHC40XH Micom Water Boiler & Warmer is a great alternative to the traditional electric kettle – especially for those looking for something that can handle a larger crowd or for those who frequently host tea parties

It can hold up to 4 liters of water, which is enough to serve a group of people and can even keep the water warm for hours at one of its four temperature hold settings (160°, 175°, 195°, and 208°F).

It also features durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction, precise temperature control, an easy-to-read LCD display that shows the current temperature,  a one-touch dispensing system that makes it simple to pour the water, a safety feature that prevents accidental dispensing, and an automatic shut-off function that turns off the kettle when the water reaches boiling point.

This is a great investment and a sure must-have for anyone looking to share their love of tea with friends and family at future get-togethers.  

Best Lower Budget:

For those who are looking for a lower-budget option without sacrificing quality, the COSORI Electric Kettle is an excellent choice. 

This kettle boasts an impressive set of features at an affordable price point.

With a 0.8L capacity, durable stainless steel body (the matte black is our fave), gooseneck spout, and ergonomic handle, the COSORI Kettle gives a sleek look without breaking the bank. 

Although you cannot set any specific temperature to the degree, the COSORI Kettle does have six temperature settings that correspond with each tea type (170°F, 180°F, 195°F, 205°F, and 212°F).

You can turn on the convenient “keep warm” option to maintain the water temperature for up to an hour, and also keep peace of mind with the automatic shut-off function for added safety.  

Overall, the COSORI Electric Kettle Gooseneck with Temperature Control is a great choice for anyone searching for an attractive, easy-to-use electric tea kettle on a budget. 

Best for Travel:

This one is for all of our tea-loving travelers out there. If you travel frequently or just want to enjoy your favorite tea on the go, this portable electric kettle is a great option. 

The kettle’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to pack in a suitcase or bag, and its stainless steel construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of travel. 

Its detachable power cord and cord storage also make it easy to store and transport. 

Additionally, the kettle features an auto shut-off function and boil-dry protection, making it safe to use in a variety of settings.

Holding up to 13oz of water at once, this kettle can be turned to one of the four preset temperatures (140°F, 175°F, 195°F, and 212°F), and a convenient LCD display will indicate the real temperature as it is heating. 

Overall, this little powerhouse is a great addition to your travel packing list!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Kettles:

What’s the difference between a stovetop and an electric tea kettle?

A stovetop kettle is heated on a stove, while an electric kettle is heated using electricity, often on a designated base. 

Electric kettles are known to be faster and more convenient – especially if they have a variable temperature control setting that allows you to choose the exact degree you want to bring the water to, which is quite difficult to do on a stovetop. 

Can I put an electric tea kettle on the stovetop?

No, an electric tea kettle is not meant to be used on the stove. Doing this can cause damage to the kettle and pose a fire hazard. If you want to heat water on a stove, it is recommended to use a stove-top kettle designed for that purpose. 

How important is a temperature control setting in a tea kettle?

Temperature control is quite important for tea drinkers, as different types of tea require different water temperatures for optimal brewing. For example, delicate green tea leaves can be scorched by water that is too hot, creating a bitter brew. 

Can I steep my tea leaves in an electric tea kettle?

No, you should not steep tea leaves directly in an electric tea kettle. Electric tea kettles are designed to boil water quickly and efficiently, not for steeping tea leaves. Doing this can damage the kettle and negatively affect the flavor of your tea. 

You should heat the water with the electric tea kettle, and then pour it into a teapot or mug with a strainer or infuser to steep the tea leaves. This will ensure that the tea is brewed properly and the tea kettle will not get damaged. 

What’s the difference between a regular and a gooseneck spout?

A gooseneck spout is longer and thinner, providing a more controlled pour. 

How do I clean my tea kettle?

To clean your tea kettle, fill it with equal parts white vinegar and water and turn it on to bring it to a boil. Once it reaches boiling, shut the kettle off and let the solution sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Next, empty the kettle out and rinse it thoroughly with water. Then, refill the kettle again with just water, and bring it to a boil again. This will help to get rid of any aftertaste. Once the water reaches a boil, you can turn it off and empty the kettle once more. Your kettle should now be clean and free of any mineral deposits that may have built up. 

You can also use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior of the kettle. 

How often should I replace my tea kettle?

The lifespan of a tea kettle depends on the quality of the kettle and how often it is used. A good quality tea kettle can last for years with proper care, but it’s recommended to replace your kettle if it is showing signs of wear and tear or if it’s no longer functioning properly.

In conclusion, choosing the right electric tea kettle for your needs requires some consideration. By following some of our suggestions and recommendations, you are sure to find an electric tea kettle that will meet your standards and enhance your overall tea-brewing experience. 

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