Grandpa Style Brewing: Everything You Need to Know (And How to Do it Properly)

glass of tea steeping grandpa style

Grandpa-style brewing is a unique and simple way to fully enjoy the flavor and aroma of your tea. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about brewing tea grandpa style – from its history to the steps you need to take to try it at home!

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What is grandpa style brewing?

Grandpa style brewing, also referred to as “grandpa tea” or “grandpa method”, is a style of brewing loose-leaf tea in a large mug or glass, typically without the use of the strainer or infuser. 

What is the history of grandpa style brewing?

It is said that grandpa style brewing originated in China, where this method is commonly used by the older generations (“the grandpas”), since it is considered simple and convenient. 

What is the difference between grandpa style brewing and traditional tea brewing?

The main difference between grandpa style brewing and traditional brewing is the way in which the tea is steeped and consumed. 

In traditional brewing, the loose-leaf tea or tea sachets are steeped in hot water in a separate steeping vessel, most typically a teapot. The leaves are then strained and the resulting brewed tea is served in a teacup. 

With grandpa style, loose-leaf tea is steeped directly in a mug or glass, without the use of a strainer or infuser. The consumer drinks the brewed tea with the leaves still in the glass, whether they are floating in the water or left to settle at the bottom of the cup. 

Is grandpa style brewing better or worse than other brewing methods?

Whether grandpa style brewing is better than other tea brewing methods is a matter of personal preference. Each brewing method has its own unique characteristics and benefits. 

While grandpa style is not as formal or traditional as other methods, such as gonfu brewing, it has its own perks with being simple and forgiving for beginners. 

It’s recommended to try different brewing methods and find the one that best suits your taste and preference.

What type of tea is best for grandpa style brewing?

Grandpa style brewing is best suited for teas with large leaves that have more surface area to release their flavors and aromas into the water, as well as eventually sink to the bottom of the cup. Most often people use black, white, and green teas for grandpa style. 

On the other hand, it is recommended to avoid tea with smaller leaves, or herbal teas that have small particles that will be hard to avoid swallowing along with the liquid. 

How much tea should you use for grandpa style brewing?

There aren’t any hard rules regarding the amount of tea leaves that should be used in brewing your grandpa style . In fact, one of the best parts about this approach is that it is quite laid-back and forgiving. 

It all really comes down to each person’s personal preference and the strength of the brew they desire. Some people prefer a lighter, weaker brew, while others like their cup to be bursting with bold flavor. 

You can typically use about 1 teaspoon of loose-leaf tea for every 8 ounces of water. When you brew tea grandpa style, the leaf-to-water ratio is generally lower than in other traditional brewing methods. 

If it is your first time, we suggest starting with fewer tea leaves, testing the flavor, and adding more as you go, if necessary! 

How do you know when the tea is ready for grandpa style brewed tea?

When making your tea grandpa style, there are a few ways to know when the tea is ready:

1. Time

One of the characteristics of grandpa style tea is that there is no set steeping time. Since the leaves stay in the cup throughout the whole consumption process, you can decide when you’re ready to start drinking it. It is recommended to start with a shorter steeping time and adjust to your preference.

2. Taste

The tea is ready when it reaches your desired flavor and strength. You can sip the tea at regular intervals to check the flavor and decide when it is ready to drink. 

3. Color

The color of the tea can also indicate when it may be ready to drink. As the tea continues to steep, the water will take on the color of the tea, indicating the strength of the tea. 

Can you reuse the tea leaves in grandpa style brewing?

Yes, you can reuse the tea leaves in grandpa style brewing for additional steeps or infusions. 

It is recommended to leave about 1/3 of the brewed tea from the first infusion at the bottom of the cup before you refill it with more water. This will help avoid the second infusion from becoming too light. 

If you feel the second infusion is too light, you can always add some additional leaves to the cup.

You can continue to repeat this sequence until you feel the tea is too weak or you are finished drinking. 

What do you need to make tea grandpa style?

Grandpa style tea is an easy beverage to make at home, and is quite beginner-friendly, as you don’t need many tools to make it!

To make grandpa style tea, you will need the following items:

Loose Tea Leaves

Using loose tea leaves really will give you the best tea-drinking experience. By letting loose leaves steep in the boiled water, they have room to unfurl and release all of their natural aromas. If you don’t know where to start, a loose-leaf tea sampler is a great option!

Spring Water or Filtered Water

To get the best flavors from your tea, use high-quality water. Don’t use tap water or distilled water!

Electric Tea Kettle

An electric tea kettle with a temperature setting is a must-have brew gadget for tea drinkers! You can set the temperature down to the degree for the perfect brew for every type of tea.

Tall Clear Glass

You want a tall glass to give the tea leaves plenty of room to dance, unfurl, and sink to the bottle. We recommend clear glass so that you can easily see your tea leaves steeping, as well as the color of the brew. 

How do you brew tea grandpa style?

Follow the steps outlined below to brew tea grandpa style at home:

Step 1: Add loose tea leaves to a tall glass

Step 2: Boil filtered water to desired temperature for the particular tea being used

To do this easily, use an electric tea kettle with temperature set.

Step 3: Pour hot wateer over the tea leaves

Step 4: Allow tea to steep

As the tea leaves soak, they will unfurl and become heavier, eventually sinking to the bottom of the glass.

Step 5: Enjoy!

You can repeat this sequence by adding more hot water once you have about 1/3 of the tea left in the glass. If you feel the second round is too weak, you can add additional tea leaves. 

In conclusion, Grandpa style brewing is a traditional and simple way to brew tea. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a good cuppa, grandpa style tea is definitely worth trying. 

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