5 Health Benefits of Puerh Tea (and Possible Side Effects)

a cup of puerh tea that provides many health benefits

Known to only get better with time, Puerh is a super oxidized, aged tea hailing from the Yunnan Province. Though it is centuries old, Puerh continues to be a rare and highly prized commodity. Keep reading to learn about some of the health benefits of Puerh tea!

What is Puerh tea?

Puerh tea is a special Chinese fermented tea. It is the most oxidized type of tea available, with a very distinct earthy taste. There are two classifications of Puerh tea: Raw (Sheng) and Ripe or Cooked (Shou). 

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5 Health Benefits of Puerh Tea:

1. Contains antioxidants

Research shows Puerh tea has significant antioxidant activity, which may aid in protecting our bodies from free radicals and protect against oxidative damage

2. May help control cholesterol

According to research, Puerh tea contains lovastatin, which is known to help reduce cholesterol. 

3. May contribute to better heart health

Drinking Puerh tea may help prevent heart disease! Not only may it help reduce bad cholesterol, but one study also suggests that “Pu-erh tea exerts strong antioxidative and lipid-lowering effects and therefore can be used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders.”

4. May improve bone health

A cup of tea may help to prevent bone fractures, thanks to some of its nutrients, such as flavonoids. One study showed that older women who drank tea had higher bone mineral density than those who refrained from drinking tea. 

5. May aid in digestion

Since Puerh is a fermented tea, it naturally contains a variety of microorganisms, which can help support the healthy flora of your digestive system and gut. Traditionally, Puerh is served right after or alongside a meal, since it is said that it naturally helps the body digest oily foods and break down foods in the stomach and intestines. 

Possible Side Effects of Puerh Tea:

Puerh tea, when had in moderation, is generally considered safe for most people. However, there are always possible side effects. Some consumers may be more sensitive to things like caffeine than others and may experience caffeine-related side effects. Furthermore, if you have specific health conditions, you may need to avoid beverages such as Puerh tea. Always speak to your doctor or health care provider to clarify it if is safe for your unique situation.

1. Upset Stomach

The caffeine found in Puerh tea may cause digestive issues, upset stomach, and/or nausea for those that are caffeine-sensitive, or if it is consumed in large quantities. Furthermore, those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome may find their symptoms are exacerbated by Puerh. If you have a history of IBS, refrain from drinking Puerh, or consult your doctor before trying it.

2. Trouble Sleeping

It is not advisable to consume Puerh tea right before bed, as the caffeine content may cause things like difficulty sleeping, headache, jitteriness, or irregular heartbeat. If you experience any of these symptoms after drinking Puerh tea, refrain from future consumption and contact your doctor.

3. Use caution during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

It is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid or limit their consumption of caffeine; discuss with your doctor what is best for your situation. 

4. Use caution if you have a heart condition

High levels of caffeine can cause irregular heartbeats or palpitations. If you suffer from any heart conditions, use caution and speak with your doctor before adding Puerh tea to your diet. 

In conclusion, Puerh tea is a rare yet delicious and soothing beverage with several positive health benefits and may be a great drink option, when consumed in moderation, for many people.

Disclaimer: The information found in this post is for informational purposes only, and is in no way medical advice. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider for any questions or concerns you have regarding your personal health situation and before introducing something new to your diet, such as Puerh tea. 

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